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Saturday, November 24, 2018

A Thanksgiving Story

Thanksgiving Memories with Nancy
from Allison Moody, Nancy’s Sister-in-Law
Kirk's family got a wild hair in 1994, and decided to surprise Kirk and Nancy by crashing their Thanksgiving dinner. They had invited Kirk's mom Kati, so we thought we were entitled to eat there as well. Kirk's siblings Karen, Allison, and Rex, niece Amber, nephew Ryan and sister in-law Susan, all flew to LAX with Kati. Kirk picked Kati up at the airport gate (remember when we could do that!?) while the rest of us "hid" on the airplane, and then shared two hotel rooms – boys and girls.
Wednesday, we went to Disneyland and got Mickey Mouse ears hats with our names stitched on the front. (Rex had "Grumpy") And on Thanksgiving, we arrived at their doorstep in our hats and good clothes. Nancy answered the door. She opened it, closed it, and from inside the house we could hear “Kirrrrrk! You'd better come here!” We thought that was priceless...the closed door especially! Of course, they had a full house already, including Nancy's parents George and Joan, Kirk's cousin Melissa Walsh and her family and a bunch of friends who played a lot of basketball in the driveway. Nancy made the mashed potatoes, yams and helped Kirk with all manner of other dishes.
On Friday, two more Colorado friends, Stru and Peg (THE Peg who is now the Care Facility Phone Call Manager in our efforts to find Nancy) joined us and we went to Universal Studios (we were all checking out our friend Stru's new honey). What a great time we all had on that trip!
Happy Thanksgiving. Let’s Bring Nancy Home!

 Kirk and Nancy preparing MORE food!

Newly minted Mousketeers Amber and Allison

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