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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Chocolate - Not All Who Wander Are Lost is Now Available for All

Thiago Dadalt's award winning short film Chocolate - Not All Who Wander Are Lost is now up on GooglePlay, iTunes, and Amazon - here is the iTunes link:


More Local Coverage

Some folks have said that they saw Nancy on a news cast, but I can't find it on line.  In the mean time, Jeanne Fratello has a story for a local on-line newsletter - DIG MB


Monday, October 15, 2018

Press Conference

We held a press conference today and a couple of TV stations and a few print reporters came (that doesn't mean we actually get on TV) ...  Detective Rosenberger from the Manhattan Police Department, Nancy's parents Joan and George, and Nancy's great friend Nancy Ward were also there for support and interviews.

Megan Barnes has already published her article:

And Jason Kandel from NBC also posted:

Finally, this is what I said at the press conference.

One of the most common things people say to me is "I can't imagine what you and Nancy's parents are going through."  It is something that I would have said to a friend in similar circumstances but, having lived every minute of the last two years, I can say that the uncertainty and the void created by Nancy's disappearance is beyond anything that mere words can describe.  Nancy's father George has captured a bit of what we experience when he says "Every morning I get up thinking that today--this day--is going to be the day that we find Nancy.  And then the day passes and my hopes sink, but we are not giving up”.  We love Nancy dearly and we just want her back.

I also get asked, “Do you still have any hope?” and my answer to that is that we must still have hope because we continue to look for her.  Nancy’s mother says “The not knowing what has happened to my daughter, where she is, who is caring for her is a weight that is almost unbearable some days”.  Despite tremendous effort, we haven’t received any fruitful clues as to Nancy’s whereabouts.  We are hoping that by increasing the reward to $100,000, we may spur people to be even more vigilant or we might get the attention of someone who has encountered Nancy.
The police are continuing to work this case and are finishing up a collaborative task with Medi-Cal of checking into applications that were submitted for people matching Nancy’s general demographic.  The police and the coroner believe that Nancy is still alive.  They feel it is unlikely that her remains would not have been discovered and identified with the DNA and dental records we have provided.  If, however, the unthinkable has happened, we would like to make it clear that the reward applies even if someone knows the location of her remains.
Our team continues to call and care facilities – all of which have been contacted before.  It is surprising how short the corporate memory often is – places that we contacted just months ago do not remember hearing about Nancy.
We continue to receive good media coverage, and we thank you all for that.  In addition, Thiago Dadalt is working on a documentary called “Where is Nancy?”  He is in the production stage and is looking for some funding to finish the film.  If you would like to support his efforts, there is a crowd funding initiative you can see by searching on “Where is Nancy?”
We would also like to encourage everyone in LA County who knows someone with dementia to check out LA Found.  This is an initiative inspired by Nancy’s situation that Supervisor Janice Hahn has championed to provide tracking bracelets and the infrastructure needed for them to be effective.  There are other activities as well intended to both reduce the incidence of wandering and help find those if they do wander.  If these practices had existed two years ago, we might not need to be here today.  We hope that these efforts can prevent any other family having to go through what we have experienced.
For those asking what they can do to help, we continue to ask that, even if you haven’t encountered Nancy, please continue to share her story on social media.  If you see something that might relate to Nancy, say something.  Your efforts might reach the one person who can help unlock this nightmarish mystery.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Increased Reward

Monday, October 15 marks two years that we have been searching for Nancy, without a glimmer of success.

In order to keep the story alive and possibly reach someone who has encountered Nancy, we are increasing the reward amount to $100,000.  We will have a press conference to announce that and hopefully get some coverage.  Here is the press release we sent out this morning:


Contact: Kirk Moody (husband of missing Alzheimer’s sufferer)
310-650-7965 – Available for interviews by phone or in person

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA (October 12, 2016)
Press conference Monday, October 15, 2018 at 1:00 PM, at the home of Kirk Moody and Nancy Paulikas.  2209 Manzanita Ln, Manhattan Beach, 90266

The family of missing Alzheimer’s Patient, Nancy Paulikas, marks two year anniversary of the day she went missing.  Family appeals to the public to come forward with any information regarding the whereabouts of Nancy Paulikas or her remains if she is deceased.  The reward has been increased to $100,000, and is available for any information that allows the family to locate Nancy.  The family appreciates all who share Nancy’s information on social media to help increase awareness and improve the chances of locating her.

Extensive search efforts involving the Manhattan Beach Police Department, Los Angeles Police Department, CA Dept. of Justice, Medi-Cal, the Los Angeles County Government, and an army of family, friends, and volunteers have provided no clues as to Nancy’s whereabouts.
Manhattan Beach Police Detective Michael Rosenberger will also be available for interviews.
Nancy was the inspiration behind the recently announced LA County initiative LA Found, championed by Supervisor Janice Hahn.

Nancy is also the subject of a segment in KCET’s SoCal Connected, a Thin Air Podcast, and an upcoming documentary produced by D. Ellen Miller Productions and directed by Thiago Dadalt (View Trailer).

Nancy is Caucasian, 5’7” and was 140 lbs at the time of disappearance. Her most distinctive feature is her ice blue eyes, and her family hopes people will recognize her by those eyes. Her hair is light brown with gray; she has no tattoos or distinguishing marks. She developed early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and has been losing cognitive functioning for three or more years. She has lost a great deal of verbal abilities and it is believed that she has been unable to identify herself.

In a moment of hustle and bustle at the bathrooms at LACMA, Nancy walked away from a family outing on October 15, 2016. Other than a few security camera views of her walking away from LACMA on that afternoon, she has not been seen since.

The possibility of Nancy being deceased is an ongoing fear of the family, but police and coroners have yet to believe this is the case, as no bodies with her DNA or fingerprints have been located in Los Angeles and counties beyond.

A website is continually updated at www.NancyIsMissing.blogspot.com.  Nancy’s husband, Kirk Moody is available for interviews by phone or in person at 310-650-7965.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Great Success at the Beach Cities Walk to End Alzheimer's!

Great success at the Beach Cities Walk to End Alzheimer's! Team Drasa exceeded their goal and collected over $10,000! Thanks to all donors and participants.
The overall walk also exceeded their goal and over $190,000.

If you missed that opportunity, Team Drasa is also supporting the ALZGLA Walk4ALZ:

Walk4ALZ Team Drasa 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Thiago Dadalt is Crowd Sourching (Funding) a Documentary about Nancy

Thiago - the writer/director of the amazing short film "Chocolate - All Who Wander are Not Lost" - is working on a documentary about Nancy, our search for her, and at-risk people wandering.  Check out his trailer and request for Crowd Source Funds:

Where Is Nancy?

Tracking Devices Outside of Los Angeles

LA Found can provide citizens of Los Angeles with bracelets that can then be tracked if an at risk person goes missing.  There are other technologies available which might be useful information for people outside of LA.  One worth mentioning is Great Call which has (for example) a pendant that can be worn by the at-risk person and the caregiver can see where they are on their mobile device.


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Kick off of LA Found

LA County Supervisory Janice Hahn held a press conference today to announce the kick off of LA Found https://lafound.com/  This is the formal rollout of the efforts of the Bringing Our Loved Ones Home Task force that she initiated.

There is quite a bit of press coverage ... here are two examples:



Thursday, August 2, 2018

Update on Medi-Cal Applications List; LAPD Dispatch Call review

Detective Rosenberger has been visiting the locations that Medi-Cal provided - those places that applied for benefits for someone that fits Nancy's demographic.  He was able to split 8 places off for me to visit because they are care facilities, so it is nothing new for our team to visit.  Most of the applications are in private residences and someone there applied for benefits.  Clearly, no sign of Nancy yet, but working through the list takes some time, and he hasn't finished yet.

Also, LAPD did a review of calls that they received for "Insane Woman" and "Trespassing Woman", following up on those to look at the actual incident report.  Of all the calls, one stood out as sounding something like Nancy, and Detective Rosenberger followed up and even went to the hospital that admitted her.  On the fuller description, it is clearly not Nancy. 

The awesome callers continue to re-call facilities that we have not contacted in over a year, and it is remarkable how few of them have any knowledge of Nancy (speaks to both large turnover in these care facilities, and just a normal lack of institutional memory).

Please don't forget the upcoming Alzheimer's walks and join or donate to Team Drasa!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

US News and World Report Article About the Task Force; Report on Checking Medi-Cal Applications

Katelyn Newman wrote a very nice piece in US News and World Report about the Bringing Our Loved Ones Home Task Force and rolling out Project Lifesaver.


The article starts with the search for Nancy, and then goes into a little more detail about the Task Force and Project Lifesaver, which is becoming active now.

The MBPD has started visiting addresses that applied for Medi-Cal benefits for people that fit Nancy's general demographic.  They are not at liberty to share the whole list with us, but if they determine that an address is a commercial residential facility, they will share that.  So, after visiting around 7 locations themselves (with no trace of Nancy), they gave me 7 addresses as well, and I visited those facilities yesterday.  The results are strikingly similar  to our "cold calls" at facilities, and mentioning that Medi-Cal reports that this facility applied for benefits for  someone like Nancy did not seem to make much of an impact (this was my experience, not sure how that information was taken when the police were there).

So, we will continue to go through this list and hopefully find Nancy at one of the addresses.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Medi-Cal Has Provided Police a List of Applications

The Medi-Cal Investigations and Fraud Department has come through for us and provided a list of addresses of places that have applied for Medi-Cal benefits for someone that roughly fits Nancy's demographic.  They can only provide the information to Law Enforcement, and Detective Rosenberger of the Manhattan Beach PD is already taking action to check these places out.

This is a tremendous development that we have been waiting for some time.  If Nancy is indeed in a care facility of any size, the facility is going to want reimbursement, and this is going to come from Medi-Cal, so one of these applications should be about her.  Our fingers are crossed that this finally leads us to Nancy!