End of day summaries

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Still Waiting For Results, Calling Facilities

We are collectively waiting for results from the great support we are getting from law enforcement: 
  • LAPD Missing Person lead detective Soto is going back through the call logs for the time immediately following Nancy's disappearance
  • MBPD detective Rosenberger is checking with Culver City PD to do the same.  (We also have to do Beverly Hills and Inglewood)
  • Det. Rosenberger is also waiting to hear back from Medi-Cal re our request for an expanded query (she was looking into it)
In the meantime, we are calling facilities that we called towards the beginning of our search.  At that time, we were mostly looking for a "Jane Doe", and did not have our calling process as refined, so it seems worthwhile to check back in with them.  If you would like to help, even if it is only calling one or two facilities per week, please email us at NancyIsMissing@gmail.com and we will set you up.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Medi-Cal Is Trying to Help; MBPD and LAPD reviewing police call logs

The CA Medi-Cal office is engaged with Det. Rosenberger of the Manhattan Police Department to determine if they can expand the query they have performed searching for applications for coverage.  This is great news, and our fingers are crossed that a new query reveals some actionable results.

Also, Det. Rosenberger is meeting with LAPD this week to review some of the call logs from around the time Nancy went missing to see if there were some calls that they may have missed reviewing earlier.

We finished our latest round of calls and visits (to places that either we have not contacted for a year, or places that I originally filtered out as "too expensive" to qualify).  I'm considering what to do next along these lines, somewhat hesitant to continue to burden our awesome calling crew.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Response from Medi-Cal office, Police and EMS log review, Upcoming podcast

Detective Rosenberger of the Manhattan Beach Police Department received a letter from the lead investigator for Medi-Cal in response to our queries.  They did run a query similar to what we had asked for, found 10 potential applications, checked them all out, but none were Nancy.  We are going to ask them to open the gates of their filter query a little wider to see if we can find other canidates.

Detective Rosenberger is also going to go to LAPD and other nearby city police and EMS departmetns and review the call and response logs for the day Nancy went missing and the period immnediately after that.

Also, Jason Kandel of NBC has created a new podcast, and I will post that as soon as it is on the air.  Thanks Jason!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Productive Meeting with Molly Davies and Dr. Wasserman

Molly Davies, Vice President of WISE and Healthy Aging, was kind enough to facilitate a meeting between us and Dr. Michael Wasserman, CEO of Rockport Healthcare Services - a non-profit dedicated to improving the well being of care facility residents.

Dr. Wasserman is well connected to many others in this industry, and is taking steps to spread the word about Nancy to a much larger audience.  He is also interested in the overall problem of Jane Does or other missing people ending up in Nursing Homes and Residential Care Facilities, and is going to look at the various processes that are in place (or not) to see if there are ways of greatly  improving the coordination between administrators of facilities and missing persons agencies.

Thanks so much to Ms. Davies for setting this up!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Tremendous Response to the Steve Lopez Article

We have been receiving great response to Steve Lopez's article in the LA Times.

Many people have emailed volunteering to help - including several detectives/investigators, both active and retired.  They have provided us with several ideas on other organizations to contact that might help disseminate Nancy's information more widely.

Of particular note is a former fraud investigator who states that the theory that Nancy is being kept in a care facility, possibly for fraudulent purposes, is right on the money.  He related several anecdotes of abusive practices and shady operations.  There is a set of investigative articles on this in the Sacramento Bee: http://www.sacbee.com/news/investigations/article2573412.html

From this situation, and with the help of Molly Davies - the Vice President for Elder Abuse Prevention and Ombudsman Services at WISE and Healthy Aging, we were able to get a large holding firm of care facilities to send Nancy's flyer to all of their administrators - possibly much more efficient then our group calling/visiting that many facilities.

There were also several "tips" of people that might be Nancy, but so far, of course, none of those have panned out.

Monday, March 26, 2018

MBPD Sent Letters to over 800 RCFEs in LA; KNX Radio News Spot

Detective Rosenberger took the initiative to send out letters on Manhattan Beach Police Department letterhead, along with flyers, to 858 Residential Care Facilities in LA County (that's about all of the ones that have more than 6 residents!

Thanks to the police - and let's see if this garners more response than our previous mailings!

Also, KNX Radio (LA radio station) called me last week for a quick interview, and they apparently ran the story off of that many times over the next few days.  Keeping the story alive in the media should be helpful.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

PSA from ALZGLA about Alzheimer's Patients Getting Lost

Alzheimer's Greater Los Angeles has made a Public Service Announcement video about Alzheimer's patients getting lost ... here it is:


Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Few Stories from Visits to Care Facilities and Elsewhere

We have been calling (in some cases, calling yet again) the Skilled Nursing Facilities throughout Southern CA, and have also been visiting the small Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs) - these being small ones (6 or fewer residents) in the area surrounding the museum (where Nancy was last seen).  And over the past few weeks, there are a few stories that I found of interest.

To start on a disappointing note - I am truly surprised by how few of the facilities (less than 10 percent) have an attendant that is familiar with Nancy's case.  We snail-mailed to all of these places twice - once with a letter and once with the postcard featuring an "aged" depiction of Nancy.  But it is now clear that we addressed them to the "Administrator" - the person listed in the CA database, and sent it to the address of the actual facility.  The problem with this is that the administrator is probably the owner of the house (these places are just houses with rooms set up to accommodate residents).  They may or may not visit the facilities on any regular basis, and the mail will be picked up by whoever.  The attendants are hired caregivers.  Clearly, the people we need to see the flyer for Nancy are the caregivers, not the owners/administrators.  That being said, some attendants have reported seeing either our TV ad, a Facebook post, or - the most common - "yeah, I've seen that somewhere ..."

On a happier note, a good friend happens to be friends with the manager of a fairly large chain of RCFEs here in SoCal, and the manager invited me to address all of her facility managers at a meeting today.  This was a great opportunity to ask these people to not only check their own facilities, but also to share the NancyIsMissing FaceBook page (or share on social media in other ways).  This was AWESOME!

In our visits, we happened across a larger facility that we had visited before, but went back in.  This too was a happy story because the Charge Nurse told us that her grandmother had similarly wandered, and been lost for 2 years(!).  They finally found her because she required medical attention and was taken to an Emergency Room at a hospital where they recognized her. All of our pushing of the flyers to ERs was not in vain - and in fact, we may have to look at doing it again.

I also had the opportunity to speak to the lead investigator for lost and missing persons at the CA Dept. of Justice.  She has known about Nancy's case since January of last year, and she also reports that a likely scenario is that Nancy is in an RCFE - a common place for missing at-risk people to show up.

So, it appears our efforts are not going to waste, and we'll keep at it!