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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Increasing Awareness - Local Task Force, Flyers in other languages, and more coverage of LA Found

Alzheimer's Los Angeles participates in the San Gabriel Valley Alzheimer's Task Force, which consists of professionals who deal with dementia patients such as employees of care facilities and social workers.  Kelly Honda of AlzLA set up an opportunity for me to share Nancy's story with this group last week, and that helps them understand real world issues in dealing with Alzheimer's sufferers, but also helps us spread Nancy's information to a larger network of key people.

It is also fortuitous because along with Kelly, Angie Yeh, Juyoung Park, and Yuan Yao were there.  Juyoung updated our Korean version of the flyer, and Yuan provided two Chinese versions.  Thanks so much to AlzLA for doing this!   I put these in a shareable folder that you can find on the right hand side of the blog.  And it is also right here:

Flyers in other languages

Also, other newspapers are picking up parts of the Rob Kuznia article and increasing the awareness of LA Found and Project Lifesaver.

I couldn't find an on-line version of this, but my sister sent me an image from today's Denver Post:

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