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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Good article in the Daily Breeze about the upcoming event at LACMA to bring renewed awareness to finding Nancy...

Please share widely via social media!

Friday, September 22, 2017

"Theme" of LACMA Event is "Please Share On Social Media"

We are going to ask people to help by sharing, and asking their friends to share, the Nancy Is Missing story on social media.  Anyone can do that by checking out the FaceBook page NancyIsMissing, or through Instagram, Twitter, etc. with  #NancyIsMissing #LetsFindNancy.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Please Note That You Must Get a Ticket to Attend the LACMA Film Event September 23 (it is free)


Meeting with Hospital Association

The Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) invited me to come speak to them about our experiences with hospitals in our search for Nancy (thanks to Gordana for setting this up!).

This is an advocacy group with quite a bit of influence over their member hospitals.

I met with a senior management team, including the COO Mark Gamble.  They were quite receptive to my presentation (I went through some of our frustrations in phoning and asking for Jane Does, HIPAA walls, and the lack of standards for handling Jane Does).  In fact, they immediately constructed some action items to address some of these issues.  The individual hospitals and their management will have the final say, of course, but I believe HASC will make a good attempt at creating a more uniform set of practices for helping to identify patients.

Thanks to HASC for listening!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Upcoming Media Events

This is just a quick post to consolidate three upcoming events that involve the media:
  1. September 23, 4:00: LACMA Film event - please go to the site and get your complimentary tickets: http://www.lacma.org/programs/film
  2. Late September / early October (we don't have a specific date yet): Thin Air Podcast about Nancy and our search for her.  http://thinairpodcast.com/
  3. October 10: KCET (Los Angeles Public TV Station) will feature a segment on Nancy and our search: https://www.kcet.org/shows/socal-connected

Monday, August 14, 2017

Activities: EMS Followup Calls; TV Ad; Postcard Response; Hospital DB Checks; ThinAir PodCast

EMS Follow-up Calls - Our great calling crew has been busy with various tasks - they are on the verge of finishing the calls to all the major western cities, and they are now tackling two different requests to hospitals: a) Calling about specific EMS transports to the hospitals that the LA County Fire Department flagged for our review, and b) asking the hospitals to perform the "enhanced Database search" looking for people that might be Nancy who have been through their system.  These are not particularly fun calls, often receiving resistance based on a misunderstanding of HIPAA laws, however, for every one of those calls that succeeds in getting the data, it reduces by at least one the number of hospitals that I have to personally visit (which is a very time consuming process, as you can imagine).  If you have some time (and a lot of fortitude) and would like to add yourself to the volunteer calling corps, please let us know.  (you can comment on this post, or email NancyIsMissing@gmail.com)

TV Ad - We made a 15 second TV Ad that will be shown in LA starting today - when it airs, it will be "bookended" - i.e., shown both at the beginning and end of a commercial break. Here is the ad:

Postcard Response - We mailed out almost 9,000 postcards to Residential Care Facilities and Hospice Care facilities a few weeks ago, and most of them seem to have been delivered.  I have received a few calls from people that are concerned and wanted to know that they got the card.  One nice couple in Riverside volunteered to take flyers to the various care facilities that she, as a nurse, visits.  The postcard featured the "age progressed" photo of Nancy.

Hospital Database Search - In addition to the calls mentioned above, I personally continue to visit hospitals asking them to do the enhanced search.  Some hospitals and personnel really go the extra mile to help out, and others, of course, do little.  In all of these searches, the number of people that could possibly be Nancy is very small (to non-existent).  The search is not perfect, but it sure seems like it should uncover someone that fits Nancy's description unless she was specifically admitted under the wrong name.

ThinAir Podcast - There is a true-crime podcast show called "ThinAir" that has interviewed me and will interview others that have been involved in the search for Nancy.  They plan to air their program either at the end of September or beginning of October, and I'll post that information when I receive it.  We are always interested in any avenue to spread the word about Nancy.


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Tickets for LACMA Screening; BOLOH Task Force; EMS responses; Hospital Visits

If you would like to go to the screening of Chocolate, the Nancy video, and Still Alice at LACMA September 23, 4:00 PM, you can get tickets (they are free), and that might be a good idea to make sure you can get in ... I'm not sure whether or not you need to purchase a ticket to get into LACMA itself, but you might want to plan on it.  Here is the link again:

Nancy's dad and I attended the latest Bringing Our Loved Ones Home Task Force meeting Thursday.  This was a pretty good meeting.  Working groups were formed and the participants, largely Government employees were engaged and certainly working towards the goal of improving processes for finding missing people and looking into using technological solutions (i.e., tracking devices) to help. 

A side benefit of this meeting is that I get to meet face-to-face with some of the county people I have spoken to on the phone (like the Public Guardian), and also some groups that I have been unable to engage.  So, for this visit, I spoke to representatives from the LA County  and LA City Fire Departments.  To date, I have been unsuccessful in getting emergency response data for people that might fit Nancy's profile.  Both gentlemen promised to look into it, and both have contacted me that they are doing so.  The LA County has sent me a spreadsheet with 30 or so possibilities that we can now chase down with the hospitals where these women were taken.

I am continuing to visit hospitals asking them to do more advanced database searches.  I can only put so many of these on the table at one time because they typically require several follow-up calls.  This week I had an unusually high success rate where 4 of the 5 hospitals readily agreed to take a look (however, sometimes this happens, and when they get a little into it, they find some obstacles ....).

And from the last visits, I have had several hospitals that have done the search and not found any matches.  This at least crosses these off the list for this type of effort.  Significantly, this includes all the county run hospitals. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

LACMA Screening - Official Announcement

Here is the official announcement from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) about the screening of Chocolate and Still Alice. 

September 23, 4:00 PM.

Please join us!


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Activities: Calling Cities; Hospital Visits; Database Searches; HASC; Manhattan Beach CERT; Updated "Efforts"

Our awesome callers continue to call large western US cities.  It is clear that the word gets around.  I got a tip call from a woman in El Paso TX, who has frequently seen a woman that looks like Nancy at her church, St. Patrick's.  However, it appears that this woman converses extensively with the priest at the church, so it probably isn't Nancy.  The good thing to note is that people are out there looking!

I visited more hospitals last Friday, this time with Sgt. Mike Goldberg of the LAPD who is volunteering his off time to help.  As noted before, it is remarkable how much more helpful hospitals are when it is the LAPD asking!  We went to 4 hospitals, asking them to do the "non-standard" query of their admissions database outlined a couple of weeks ago, and I believe all 4 will do it (three already have).  Sgt. Goldberg and I were accompanied by a film crew from KCET.  Again, from a previous post - The KCET "SoCal Connected" is going to do a segment on the search for Nancy, and they have been filming various aspects of the search.

With the help of HASC, we sent an email to all of the IT departments of hospitals and emergency responders - but the email was from the Manhattan Beach Police Department - hopefully getting a little more attention.  So far, the MBPD has received a couple of calls asking if this was a legitimate request, and one, count 'em one, call from the Ventura County EMS saying that they performed the search and did not find anyone matching Nancy's description (to be fair, we did not specifically ask them to reply once they had completed the search unless they had some candidates).

Speaking of HASC (Hospital Association of Southern California - an advocacy group), they have invited me to speak to their senior staff tomorrow.  I have a couple of sets of charts - one specific to Nancy, and the other some ideas on how they might try to standardize handling of John/Jane Does, clearly based on our experience in interacting with the hospitals.

I have also spoken and been invited to speak again to the Manhattan Beach Citizen Emergency Response Team.  This is a group that Nancy belonged to, and they are ready and willing to help with the search efforts.

There is an updated version of the Efforts to Find Nancy on the right hand side of the blog ... a few additions in the last couple of months.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

About 9,000 Postcards going out to help find Nancy...

We ordered printing and addressing of 8,928 postcards yesterday.  These are going to all the residential care facilities in the 10 Southern California counties (at least, all of them that have an address the post office recognizes).

Here they are, but I'll try to put them over on the side too.

Beach Reporter Article

Link to Beach Reporter Article

Saturday, July 15, 2017

What might Nancy look like now? Team releases a "age-processed" photo to help find Nancy

Kirk and his team have worked with an artist to create an image of what Nancy might look like at this point.

The press has responded, with an article from the Daily Breeze yesterday, Friday 14 July.

This image will be included in an upcoming mailing to approximately 10,000 residential care facilities in LA and surrounding counties.

PLEASE encourage others to keep looking for Nancy!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Latest Activities: HASC Support, City Calls, LA Homeless Cleanup Help, Medi-Cal, Postcard

We received some excellent help from the head of IT at the Hospital Association of California (an advocacy group ... and I would name them, but I forgot to ask if that was OK).  HASC had previously put out an email to all of their IT contacts - 360 of them, in hospitals, fire departments, etc., asking them to perform a "non-standard" query, based on the supposition that Nancy would be unable to relate her name or any other identifying information.  They admitted, however, that these emails come from "ReddiNet", and may be largely ignored by the target audience.  It was suggested that they would get more people to open them if it came from the police, so Detective Rosenberger was enlisted and happily sent out the request.  At the bottom of this post are the types of queries I am asking of people.

Our indefatigable callers continue to call the police, public guardians, and adult protective services of other cities in the west.  About a quarter of these calls are exercises in banging one's head against the wall - the shear lack of compassion that some people exhibit is enough to make you give up on humanity altogether - however, another quarter are people that take their own initiative to share the information broadly and truly try their best to help.

Nancy's father read an article in the Los Angeles Times about how they are putting more resources into crews that "cleanup" homeless encampments.  He had the idea that we should get the information about Nancy out to these crews, so I reached out to the department head of LA County for this, and he took an interest and promised to bring it up to his staff for suggestions (I also left him with about 800 business cards with Nancy's information - one side English, one side Spanish).

We continue to try to get MediCal to look at their records.  To recap, the LA Fraud Investigation unit has been doing queries for us for months.  However, they changed how they did the queries to make it less time consuming.  Since they changed the query, they have had no candidates.  (This makes some of us that have worked with databases before quite concerned that the query needs to be tweaked).  We have tried to get the same thing going at the state level, but so far our efforts along these lines appear to show a lack of understanding and/or coordination with the LA group. 

As I mentioned last time, we are working to create a postcard for another mailing.  We are working on getting a good-looking, eye-catching card with the right information, and to create a better mailing list (targeting care facilities).

Here is the type of database query I mentioned in the first paragraph:

Common Database Field
Suggested Query
Jane Doe
Subjects with the first name Nancy
Any substitute name your institution might use for a Jane Doe
Social Security Number
Query based on what would be in the filed if left blank
888-88-8888  (Any SSN that starts with an 8 or 9 is "invalid")
Date of Birth
If DoB is unknown, 01/01/xxxx is often put in, with xxxx representing the best guess for a birth year.  Looking from 1955 to 1965 should cover it

An effective "fast query" could combine a couple of these ideas, for example, patients with the first name Nancy and date of birth 01/01/xxxx - if you get candidates, then look further for the date of admission, etc.

Date of Admission/encounter
October 15, 2016 through the present date
Physical Description
If any candidates are found using the above information, or based on your own ideas, Paulikas physical description is:
Caucasian; Female; 5'7"; 140 Lbs (at time of disappearance);
Blue Eyes, Size 9.5 feet;
Light Brown/Gray hair;
No tattoos or distinguishing marks

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Activities: Manhattan Beach City Council; CERT; New Mailer with "stressed" photo; Calls

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Richard Montgomery from the Manhattan Beach City Council called me and said that the council is interested in helping in anyway that they can.  They are going to create a "Nancy is Missing" screen shot for the dead times on their cable channel, and spread the word with the tools available to them.  Thanks to the MB Cit Council!

Joel Oiknine and Gordana Vukotich have also brought up Nancy to the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT - Nancy was very active in this organization).  I'll be speaking to them a couple of times later this month, and they may have ways of reaching out to other CERT organizations to help.

We have chosen an altered photo of Nancy done by PhoJoe Photo, and we are planning on doing another mailing that features this (along with other Nancy photos).  For this mailing, I believe I will outsource it to a company instead of hand assembly.

The callers are still trying to contact officials in cities outside of California.  It is certainly interesting how some of the police departments will "not accept" a flyer from us.  Some requiring the local police to do it (thanks to Detective Rosenberger who has agreed to reach out to these places individually).  And thanks to the callers for their continued persaverance!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Glendale PD promoting tracking wristband

Glendale PD, working with Supervisor Janice Hahn, is promoting a tracking wristband for Alzheimer's patients, prompted by Nancy's disappearance.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Activities: LACMA Chocolate Showing; HASC; Aging Photo, Calls, Visits, Media, Task Force

Several things were accomplished this last week:
  1. LACMA has agreed to show the short film Chocolate (along with the video segment about Nancy and the feature film "Still Alice"); and they are going to name the event in honor of Nancy - very kind.  The event is slated for September 23 at 4:00.  Please attend!
  2. Gordana Vukotich is a neighbor who has recently volunteered, and she has very useful expertise at the executive level in the health care field.  Along with indispensable help from Kathy Shoemaker, we were able to get Nancy's story to the current COO of the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC).  Most hospitals here belong to that organization, and along with some specific requests for doing patient database searches for Jane Does that might have been Nancy, we were able to make a few suggestions on how they could make a few, hopefully simple, changes to their operating procedures to make this an easier process for people in the future.
  3. We have asked a "Photo Aging" service to take a cut at what Nancy might look like now, assuming she spent at least some time out on the street.  If the results look promising, we'll release this to the media; and probably send out another postcard with Nancy's info on it to all of the residential facilities.
  4. The awesome callers have finished calling every residential facility I could find, and have moved on to calling "Cities" (that is, cities outside of California).  This is a rather daunting task given that every city/county has a different way of dealing with missing persons, and especially of hearing about them from other places.
  5. Our "Visiting teams" are finishing up going to those facilities that "didn't really give the right answer" on the phone.
  6. We are still trying to get the national media interested in some aspect of this story.  Locally, Karen Foshay is the producer of "SoCal Connected" - a PBS show.  She would like her pilot show to feature a segment on our search for Nancy.  That should air October 10, and she will be accompanying us on some of our visits and watching us "work" with a camera rolling to build up some material.
  7. A few of us are going to attend the "Bringing Our Loved Ones Home" Task Force meeting tomorrow.  This is the study group formed by our County Supervisor, Janice Hahn, to look into the use of tracking technology to help find wanderers.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Latest Acitivities

Several things are going on ...
  1. The awesome callers have almost finished up the last list of residential care facilities - THANKS CALLERS AND PEG! ... about 15% of the facilities get the "Need to visit" tag based on either a specific recommendation from the caller or my determination that the facility doesn't understand or is uncooperative, so our visiting teams will start seeing some of those shortly.
  2. A kind public relations woman has volunteered to join the effort (along with NJ Jaeger, who has been great at helping out) - Patti Londre, welcome!  We are looking at having another "media event" at LACMA, hopefully in July.  There are a couple of ideas for this event, one of which is to have a screening of the movie Chocolate.  I have been in contact with LACMA (Thanks Amy and Paul!) and they are looking it over.
  3. We are beating our collective heads against the wall trying to come up with a way to help hospitals query their databases for Nancy - either as a past patient or current one.  Asking them to check the database without using "Name" usually results in a blank look.  Even those that are very willing to help are somewhat stumped by this problem.  And to complicate matters even more, different hospitals use different database systems.  So, we will continue to work this.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Latest Activities: Calls; Story ideas to National Media; Visits; Help from Specialists

Once again I am sorry that I have been remiss in updating the blog often, but here we are:
  1. Calls - the callers are finishing up with a large list of Residential Facilities in the greater LA area.  Once they have completed all their calls, there are typically between 10% and 20% that seem to require a visit, and we will get some teams together to get that done.
  2. Once we have finished those calls, we will turn our attention to calling cities outside of LA (cops, Public Guardians, Adult Protective Services and whoever those people recommend we call).  Thank you callers!!!  (some callers have had to suspend calling while they deal with their very real lives, and we have a few new volunteers.  As always, if you would like to get involved with this, please email NancyIsMissing@gmail.com and the Omnipotent Calling Queen will get you going).
  3. We continue to work up Story Ideas for National Media outlets.  We started with mailing one page ideas to ABC News shows (their prescribed format), and we have added NPR and are trying to figure out how to become a trusted contributor to NBC.  There are a few other outlets that we still have to research and submit to.  (we do have a few volunteers working on this, thanks to them!)
  4. LAPD Sgt. Goldberg took me to some hospitals today, and there was a marked difference in how they responded (a positive for today, but a bit sad in general).  He was excellent and patient in explaining why a simple database search (based on name or DoB alone) was not gong to work, and they all promised to try to get the right personnel working on this.  (Big thanks to Sgt. Goldberg!)
  5. A couple of folks with special talents have recently volunteered their services and I am taking them up on it.  Jeff is in the clergy and is involved in the homeless food distribution system.  He has offered to go to hospitals and speak to the chaplains.  A remarkably good ideas since they tend to see just about every patient.  Thank you Jeff!
  6. Also, Joel Oiknine (Pronounced Wokneen, of course) is a criminal defense lawyer with experience dealing with the county government.  Joel has very graciously volunteered to help in many many ways, including finding a way to get Department 95A to look for Nancy (Department 95A is the criminal court department for people with mental health issues) and  reaching out to his large network of friends in areas such as movie production and national news.  Welcome and thanks Joel!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Efforts to get Nancy's Story in the Media

We have been trying to get some of the national news organizations to pick up Nancy's story in order to broaden the reach of the search.  We found that ABC News shows have a standard one page format, so we have been mailing them one page story ideas for the past month or so.

Most other news organizations, like NPR and NBC, take inputs through the web.  This is actually a more labor intensive process, and I would like to ask for a volunteer who would be willing to do this (basically, format our ABC submissions into whatever the other news outlet wants, and send the ideas to several of their news shows).

Here are the letters we have submitted so far.

Nancy is Missing

Connection to Chocolate

The Search for Nancy


Friday, May 26, 2017

Video about Nancy

Thiago Dadalt (Writer / Director of Chocolate) made an great video about Nancy.
YouTube Link to Nancy is Missing Video

Please post this on your FaceBook page and share it as broadly as possible!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

LAPD Sergeant to Help with Search

Sergeant Mike Goldberg out of the Van Nuys division of the LAPD interviewed me today and is going to put some effort, along with some colleagues, into finding Nancy.  He has already visited an area in North Hollywood that has a significant homeless population and is bringing Nancy's story to the attention of the police that are most familiar with that community.

This is a tremendous development and we look forward to all that Sgt. Goldberg can accomplish.

Here is Piercey Dalton's post from the Chocolate Facebook page: Click Here to go to the Facebook site for Chocolate...

Two Months after the completion of "Chocolate", posters of Nancy Paulikas appeared around LA. At 55 years old, with Early On-Set Alzheimers, Nancy had wandered away from her husband while visiting LACMA and was now nowhere to be found.

This uncanny parallel to Eve's story revealed the deafening realities within our fiction and encouraged the "Chocolate" team to join the search for Nancy, with a passion.

Nancy has now been missing for over 6 months. Her husband, Kirk Moody, attends our screenings with stacks of Nancy flyers in hand and ample support for artists who are helping to increase social awareness.

We ask you to help us find Nancy by simply sharing her images found at Nancy is Missing so that she can be recognized wherever she is.

Click Here to go to Facebook site for Chocolate...

Photo from the screening of Chocolate

Here is photo from the screening of Chocolate at the FirstGlance Film Festival.at which Chocolate won for "Best Drama." From left: Amy Argyle, actress, Thiago Dadalt, writer/director, Piercey Dalton, who won for "Best Actress", and Kirk Moody, husband of Nancy Paulikas.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Short Film "Chocolate" Wins Best Drama and Piercey Dalton Wins Best Actress Award at 17th Annual FirstGlance Film Festival!

We just learned that Piercey Dalton won the "Best Actress" award for her leading role as Eve in the short movie "Chocolate" and the movie won in the "Best Drama" category!!!

This is wonderful news for Writer/Director Thiago Dadalt, for producer Dru Miller, and for the whole team that worked to make such a beautiful film (described in more detail in the previous post).

Again... it is just remarkable that this movie about a woman with early onset Alzheimer's that wanders off and is lost on the streets of Los Angeles was shot last summer and completed not long before Nancy went missing on October 15th.

Chocolate will be part of a film festival in NYC next week an then will go on to be screened at Cannes.

We wish the team all the best and thank them, again, for their efforts to help shed light on the plight of an increasing number of people around the world, and to their support in helping find Nancy Paulikas...

              CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for Chocolate

              CLICK HERE for the Facebook page for the movie Chocolate

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Screening on Saturday of a Remarkable Short Movie, "Chocolate... Not All Who Wander are Lost"

Kirk and a small group attended the public screening of the short movie "Chocolate" at the 17th Annual FirstGlance Film Festival Los Angeles.

The movie was written, directed, and edited by the very talented Thiago Dadalt and is about Eve, a woman with early onset Alzheimer's, who wanders from home, ending up in the homeless community in Los Angeles.  Eve is played with amazing sensitivity by Piercey Dalton and there are also very strong performances by Joao Bounassar, Amy Argyle and Talia Bacha.

Remarkably, this movie was shot last summer and completed not long before Nancy went missing on October 15th.

The movie was nominated in four categories for the London International Film Festival, and Amy Argyle won for best supporting actress.

Watching this movie was, frankly, very emotionally difficult as it reflected many aspects of losing Nancy.
But it is also an uplifting movie; it carries the message of the realities of Alzheimer's Disease in our society and how we can help prevent future wanderings and losses of loved ones.

Chocolate will be part of film festival in NYC next week, and then will go on to be screened at Cannes.
The hope on the parts of the producer and team is that they can turn this into a full-length movie, and Thiago is working on the script.

              CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for Chocolate

              CLICK HERE for the Facebook page for the movie Chocolate

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Meeting with Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi's Office

Today we met with Jenn Hardy, the Office Assistant for our California State Assemblyman, Al Muratsuchi.

We were looking for two things, either of which might result in better ways to help find missing people, especially those, like Nancy, who are suffering from a debilitating disease.
  1. We asked if we could have some insight into how the database of Medi-Cal applications is structured.  If we can get a toe in the door here, we can potentially find an efficient way to search for applications that may be indicators of missing persons.  We volunteered free technical support to look into this problem.
  2. We also related our frustrations with getting answers from (some) hospitals, due to either some misguided sense of personal privacy laws (HIPAA), or simply an inability to answer our questions.  Given this, it was suggested that some legislation might be appropriate that would compel hospitals, in certain circumstances, to report unidentified patients to the police; in order for the Missing Persons Bureau of the police would have that information pushed to them, rather than having them pull it out.  (Informing the police seems to be sort of a standard practice in Orange County, but rare in LA County - just our observation).  Ms. Hardy informed us that the deadline for proposing new legislation for 2017 has already passed, but was willing to have their office look into something for 2018.
We are quite appreciative of the time that Ms. Hardy gave us and look forward to any progress she can make on either of these areas.

Updated Fliers and Manhattan Beach Police Letter and Flyer

We updated the fliers that are accessible in the right frame of this blog, about half-way down.

New Article: "Missing Manhattan Beach Woman: Family Hoping For 'Miracle' 6 Months In"

"Missing Manhattan Beach Woman: Family Hoping For 'Miracle' 6 Months In"

Nancy Paulikas has been missing for six months and her family is still holding out hope of finding her.

Click here for Patch.Com Article on Nancy and "Easter Miracle"

Friday, April 14, 2017

Summary of Efforts to Find Nancy

 We have put together a summary of the efforts undertaken to find Nancy.  You can find it in .pdf form, and it is repeated below.

Introduction Nancy Paulikas, a 56 year old Alzheimer’s patient, walked away from a family visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) mid-afternoon on Saturday, October 15, 2016. Family, friends, police and many volunteers have been searching for her since her disappearance without success.
Because so many new friends and observers have expressed an interest in helping we are providing the following account of the activities that have been undertaken to find Nancy. The list is by no means exhaustive, but it does highlight the principal efforts.
Law Enforcement Activity
  • Saturday, October 15th, the day that Nancy went missing at about 3PM
  • Los Angeles police arrived on the scene very soon after she was reported missing by Museum security o
    • LAPD deployed a helicopter to search the area o
    • LAPD (Wilshire Precinct) did a block-to-block search starting around 8 PM
    • Unfortunately, dogs were not available to aid in the search
  • Responsibility for search moved to LAPD Missing Persons on Sunday and transferred to the Manhattan Beach PD (Nancy’s residence) on Monday
  • On Monday the California Highway Patrol issued a Silver Alert (like an Amber Alert for seniors)
  • Subsequently a Reddinet (hospital “Be on the Lookout” BOLO) notice was issued
  • Both MBPD and LAPD have continued to be supportive
  • Nancy’s information has been entered into the National Missing Person’s Database (NAMUS)
Private Investigator
  • Nancy’s family brought in a well credentialed private investigator to assist with initial organizational efforts and search
  • His company’s services were used for several weeks
Community Awareness Efforts
  • Family and friends began handing out and posting flyers on Sunday, October 16th, the day after Nancy went missing
  • Volunteer search group grew dramatically and additional flyers were systematically distributed and posted in the area around LACMA and in an increasing ring of surrounding neighborhoods
  • The flyer area was expanded to include North Hollywood and Venice via a service that delivered it door-to-door to every residence
  • Businesses willing to post flyers did so for miles around LACMA. This included food carts.
  • Team members worked to make sure Libraries, Schools, Parks, Police Stations and Fire Stations were all visited/informed
  • Flyers were distributed to drivers with companies such as Uber, Lyft, private taxi companies, FedEx, USPS, and Metro Transportation
  • Held a widely covered Commemorative Vigil at LACMA site one month after Nancy went missing
Tip Tracking
  • A network of community volunteers worked out who could quickly respond to “Chase tips” of potential sightings on a moment’s notice since they were coming in from all over the LA area
  • Response teams and team members followed up on dozens of tips, and continue to respond to tips to this day
Video Collection and Review
  • Teams of volunteers were deployed to ask businesses around LACMA (and around where tips were received) for security camera videos
  • Business videos were collected and reviewed by teams of volunteers- hundreds of hours were collected, assigned/distributed and carefully reviewed
  • Analysis showed Nancy’s path on Oct. 15th for only a few minutes, walking west on Wilshire to McCarthy Vista then turning and walking southwest on the east side of McCarthy Vista. This is the last confirmed sighting of Nancy and was about 15 minutes after she went missing from LACMA.
Homeless Communities
  • Search volunteers talked to many homeless people when flyers were being posted; many homeless people joined in the effort
  • Search volunteers visited a number of homeless camps, met with members, and distributed flyers. Almost universally, members of the homeless community were supportive and said that they would use their social networks to help distribute the word to look for Nancy.
  • Search volunteers went to every homeless shelter in the LA metropolitan area, talked to staff and passed out/posted flyers
  • Flyers were delivered and distributed to all known homeless food distribution sites
  • Agencies serving the homeless in LA and Orange counties (and to a lesser extent, Ventura and San Bernardino counties) were contacted and received flyers for dissemination
  • Nancy’s story was featured on all local TV stations’ prime-time newscasts, in some instances multiple times. A media team identified opportunities to keep Nancy in the public eye by bringing TV and press attention to events like the “Vigil” and asking players of an updated Pokemon Go game to look for Nancy while they walk streets and parks playing the game.
  • Kirk Moody, Nancy’s husband, did a brief appeal at the end of the nationally televised “The Doctors” on January 9, 2017
  • Articles appeared in numerous local papers, including a Steve Lopez feature in the LA Times and articles in La Opinion and the Jewish press
  • Full and Partial page ads ran prominently in the LA Times for over a month
  • Thiago Dadalt wrote and directed a short movie called “Chocolate” about a woman with dementia who wanders in Los Angeles and is assimilated into the homeless community. The lead actress (Piercey Dalton) reached out to Kirk regarding the movie after seeing Nancy’s story.
They initially received feedback that their story was “impossible- people are found in a couple of days”; so Nancy’s story really validated their story line. Thiago Dadalt is creating a video specifically about Nancy. He is creating two versions, a very brief one for social media, and a longer version that we can share with news outlets and other places.
  • Information has been distributed on numerous social media platforms including: NancyIsMissing Blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Reddit, NextDoor and Imgur. The NIM blog and Facebook pages continue to be updated.
  • In the first week search volunteers visited all hospitals within a 10 mile radius of LACMA to distribute/post flyers in Emergency Rooms
  • Volunteers have made phone contacts with all hospitals (173) in LA and Orange County; Emergency Rooms were contacted daily for the first 6 weeks
  • Volunteers are following up with 45 area hospitals on a regular basis and making new follow-up calls on full list of 173 hospitals
Residential Care Facilities
  • A mass mailing using the US Postal Service sent a cover letter and poster to 5,000 licensed Residential Care Facilities in LA and Orange counties
  • Volunteers made follow-up calls to over 1,000 Care Facilities
  • Volunteers made personal visits to over 300 Care Facilities
Government Support
  • Search efforts were aided by several government officials, including State Senator Ben Allen, LA Supervisor Janice Hahn and Congressman Ted Lieu
  • Kirk Moody, Nancy’s husband, testified at a Board of Supervisors meeting (February 28, 2017) in support of Janice Hahn/Sheila Kuehl’s proposal for a study on tracking devices for people with conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and Autism
  • Contacts have been made with appropriate County Departments in LA and surrounding county offices (e.g. Mental Health, Depts. of Conservatorship, Adult Protective Services, Nursing Home Ombudsmen, Aging, Behavioral Health, etc.)
  • Specific contacts have been made with each County’s Public Guardian and Adult Protective Services throughout California
  • The California Department of Social Services has searched its data base for information on applications for emergency Medi-Cal (California’s Medi-Caid) which can be given to patients who are unidentified
  • The LA Coroner’s office is acutely aware of Nancy’s story and is diligent in checking unidentified bodies
Other Organizational Support
  • Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles and Alzheimer’s Orange County have been active in spreading the word, including speaking at the Vigil and allowing our team members to speak at Alzheimer’s events
  • Various units of the Salvation Army and a large number of other nonprofit organizations have assisted in spreading the message that Nancy is missing
BOTTOM LINE-Despite all of these efforts, Nancy is still missing.
If you have ideas about other areas or ways to search for her, we are open to them.
If you would like to help us search for Nancy by making phone calls or distributing flyers to residential care facilities and/or hospitals, or doing something else, please contact us at
And I would again like to thank ALL of the hundreds of people and organizations that have supported my effort to find my wife over these months since she went missing. The outpouring of resources, volunteer time, and support has been staggering and SO greatly appreciated by me and my team members.
Kirk Moody, Nancy’s Husband