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Friday, November 16, 2018

A Few Memories ...

Memories from her father for Nancy’s birthday weekend.

Nancy learned to ski at around age four or five. Early in her skiing “career” one morning at Mammoth Mountain, she was skiing with Mom and Dad on Chair 1. Mom fell, Dad stayed to help Mom up. Meantime Nancy kept skiing and took a turn at a fork in the trail toward Chair 2 which had not yet been opened for the day . Mom and dad skied down to the base of Chair 1 at the Mammoth Lodge. “NO NANCY!!” It was about 9AM the temperature was 8F. The ski patrol refused to go looking for Nancy with the comment that they swept trails at the end of the day. PANIC! But looking up, a few minutes later, here comes Nancy, with a wide smile on her face, being guided down the trail by an adult skier. Nancy had indeed made it to the bottom of Chair 2 on her own which had just started running, whereupon a friendly adult and Nancy rode the chair up together and skied down together. Nancy thought this was a great adventure!

This kind of adventuresome spirit, manifested at an early age, was so typical of Nancy.

Our tradition is to walk from one South Bay pier to two others on milestone birthdays. We usually stopped at each one for a bite or a drink or both. When Nancy turned 50, we got a bonus with a Broncos game, which we watched at our traditional hangout Grunions. Good times!

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