End of day summaries

Monday, August 28, 2017

Upcoming Media Events

This is just a quick post to consolidate three upcoming events that involve the media:
  1. September 23, 4:00: LACMA Film event - please go to the site and get your complimentary tickets: http://www.lacma.org/programs/film
  2. Late September / early October (we don't have a specific date yet): Thin Air Podcast about Nancy and our search for her.  http://thinairpodcast.com/
  3. October 10: KCET (Los Angeles Public TV Station) will feature a segment on Nancy and our search: https://www.kcet.org/shows/socal-connected

Monday, August 14, 2017

Activities: EMS Followup Calls; TV Ad; Postcard Response; Hospital DB Checks; ThinAir PodCast

EMS Follow-up Calls - Our great calling crew has been busy with various tasks - they are on the verge of finishing the calls to all the major western cities, and they are now tackling two different requests to hospitals: a) Calling about specific EMS transports to the hospitals that the LA County Fire Department flagged for our review, and b) asking the hospitals to perform the "enhanced Database search" looking for people that might be Nancy who have been through their system.  These are not particularly fun calls, often receiving resistance based on a misunderstanding of HIPAA laws, however, for every one of those calls that succeeds in getting the data, it reduces by at least one the number of hospitals that I have to personally visit (which is a very time consuming process, as you can imagine).  If you have some time (and a lot of fortitude) and would like to add yourself to the volunteer calling corps, please let us know.  (you can comment on this post, or email NancyIsMissing@gmail.com)

TV Ad - We made a 15 second TV Ad that will be shown in LA starting today - when it airs, it will be "bookended" - i.e., shown both at the beginning and end of a commercial break. Here is the ad:

Postcard Response - We mailed out almost 9,000 postcards to Residential Care Facilities and Hospice Care facilities a few weeks ago, and most of them seem to have been delivered.  I have received a few calls from people that are concerned and wanted to know that they got the card.  One nice couple in Riverside volunteered to take flyers to the various care facilities that she, as a nurse, visits.  The postcard featured the "age progressed" photo of Nancy.

Hospital Database Search - In addition to the calls mentioned above, I personally continue to visit hospitals asking them to do the enhanced search.  Some hospitals and personnel really go the extra mile to help out, and others, of course, do little.  In all of these searches, the number of people that could possibly be Nancy is very small (to non-existent).  The search is not perfect, but it sure seems like it should uncover someone that fits Nancy's description unless she was specifically admitted under the wrong name.

ThinAir Podcast - There is a true-crime podcast show called "ThinAir" that has interviewed me and will interview others that have been involved in the search for Nancy.  They plan to air their program either at the end of September or beginning of October, and I'll post that information when I receive it.  We are always interested in any avenue to spread the word about Nancy.


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Tickets for LACMA Screening; BOLOH Task Force; EMS responses; Hospital Visits

If you would like to go to the screening of Chocolate, the Nancy video, and Still Alice at LACMA September 23, 4:00 PM, you can get tickets (they are free), and that might be a good idea to make sure you can get in ... I'm not sure whether or not you need to purchase a ticket to get into LACMA itself, but you might want to plan on it.  Here is the link again:

Nancy's dad and I attended the latest Bringing Our Loved Ones Home Task Force meeting Thursday.  This was a pretty good meeting.  Working groups were formed and the participants, largely Government employees were engaged and certainly working towards the goal of improving processes for finding missing people and looking into using technological solutions (i.e., tracking devices) to help. 

A side benefit of this meeting is that I get to meet face-to-face with some of the county people I have spoken to on the phone (like the Public Guardian), and also some groups that I have been unable to engage.  So, for this visit, I spoke to representatives from the LA County  and LA City Fire Departments.  To date, I have been unsuccessful in getting emergency response data for people that might fit Nancy's profile.  Both gentlemen promised to look into it, and both have contacted me that they are doing so.  The LA County has sent me a spreadsheet with 30 or so possibilities that we can now chase down with the hospitals where these women were taken.

I am continuing to visit hospitals asking them to do more advanced database searches.  I can only put so many of these on the table at one time because they typically require several follow-up calls.  This week I had an unusually high success rate where 4 of the 5 hospitals readily agreed to take a look (however, sometimes this happens, and when they get a little into it, they find some obstacles ....).

And from the last visits, I have had several hospitals that have done the search and not found any matches.  This at least crosses these off the list for this type of effort.  Significantly, this includes all the county run hospitals. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

LACMA Screening - Official Announcement

Here is the official announcement from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) about the screening of Chocolate and Still Alice. 

September 23, 4:00 PM.

Please join us!