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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Another Missing Person Identified, BOLOH Task Force Complete

Detective Soto of the LAPD Missing Persons Dept. reported yesterday that they were able to identify a "Jane Doe" from a Residential Care Facility.  This facility had been called by our team several times, and I visited it twice.  I received an email from the administrator there who said that they had a woman "found in a park bathroom".  She knew it was not Nancy, but she asked how she could go about identifying her.  I replied that the best way was to contact the LAPD, and gave her Det. Soto's contact information.

It turns out that this woman has been at their facility since 2011 (!)  Det. Soto was able to identify her (she was previously listed as a missing person). 

So, unfortunately, these things really do happen.  I believe a couple of other people on the task force are going to check into how the facility paid for her, etc.  There is also language in the final report to work to influence the CA Agency that licenses RCFEs to better educate them as to what to do in these cases.

The Task Force completed and produced their final report.  Here is a link to the final draft (I believe there are a few more clean-up items, so this does not represent the actual final report).  Supervisor Janice Hahn was in attendance yesterday, and her plan is to craft a proposal and present it to the LA County Board of Supervisors late January or early February next year.  The Task Force was truly a great example of varied agencies working together to find shortfalls and propose reasonable approaches to helping to prevent wandering in the first place, and greatly improve the processes involved if someone at risk does get lost. It was a pleasure and honor to participate on the Task Force.

BOLOH Task Force, Final Report Draft