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Monday, December 3, 2018

Cats and Coffee Maker By Diane Bassett, Nancy’s childhood friend

I've been friends with Nancy since we were both in 4th grade, as we were next door neighbors. We went through school together and like many friends went on different paths as we went off to different colleges (remember this was back in the day before email, cellphones and the internet!). She went to UC Davis, but our families stayed closely connected since my sister also went there. They would occasionally carpool back and forth from school and I remember one time our family still laughs about when it was a challenge to fit everything into the jam-packed small car they were sharing-- including a cat and a litterbox that was balanced precariously in the back!

After Nancy graduated she moved to the Bay Area where we connected again. She was getting her Masters in Computer Science from Stanford and living with other grad students in a shared house in Palo Alto. One of their most prized possessions (which was very high-tech for the time) was a coffee maker with a timer that ensured the java was ready for everyone upon waking! I remember a fun outing we had with her and her then-boyfriend, wine tasting in the Santa Cruz mountains. Nancy was always a wine aficionado. 

Nancy was always the smartest person in the room, and also one of the most humble, polite and considerate. She was tremendously gifted and never let it swell her ego. I hold great hope that she will be found and I ask us all to talk about her with any people who might have contact in any way with board-and-care facilities where she might now be a patient. Hair dressers, caregivers, janitorial staff -- any one of these people might be the one to recognize a patient who just might be Nancy. She is counting on us to keep her front-of-mind with people who might be key to finding her.

Editors Note: During this holiday season, if you visit a skilled-nursing facility, please keep your eyes open for Nancy. Look at everyone there for a Caucasian female, late 50’s, ice-blue eyes, who cannot communicate. Please send all leads to Kirk at NancyIsMissing@gmail.com. You don’t have to be positive it is Nancy, she just needs to completely fit the profile. Including a photo is ideal if possible. Thanks. Let’s bring Nancy home.

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