End of day summaries

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Update on Medi-Cal Applications List; LAPD Dispatch Call review

Detective Rosenberger has been visiting the locations that Medi-Cal provided - those places that applied for benefits for someone that fits Nancy's demographic.  He was able to split 8 places off for me to visit because they are care facilities, so it is nothing new for our team to visit.  Most of the applications are in private residences and someone there applied for benefits.  Clearly, no sign of Nancy yet, but working through the list takes some time, and he hasn't finished yet.

Also, LAPD did a review of calls that they received for "Insane Woman" and "Trespassing Woman", following up on those to look at the actual incident report.  Of all the calls, one stood out as sounding something like Nancy, and Detective Rosenberger followed up and even went to the hospital that admitted her.  On the fuller description, it is clearly not Nancy. 

The awesome callers continue to re-call facilities that we have not contacted in over a year, and it is remarkable how few of them have any knowledge of Nancy (speaks to both large turnover in these care facilities, and just a normal lack of institutional memory).

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