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Saturday, July 15, 2017

What might Nancy look like now? Team releases a "age-processed" photo to help find Nancy

Kirk and his team have worked with an artist to create an image of what Nancy might look like at this point.

The press has responded, with an article from the Daily Breeze yesterday, Friday 14 July.

This image will be included in an upcoming mailing to approximately 10,000 residential care facilities in LA and surrounding counties.

PLEASE encourage others to keep looking for Nancy!


  1. Might I suggest also sending fliers to the LA City and LA County fire stations, if that has not been done already? Firemen are in and out of those care facilities a lot and they get to know and recognize homeless people in their areas too, in case she's living on the street.

  2. I'm sorry if this is already a law, but there needs to be an enforceable law passed that any patients brought in without ID must have their photos posted on one national missing persons website immediately upon intake into any care facility with any kind of government funding, with fingerprints available to any law enforcement agency for identification.

    1. Great suggestion. There are important issues in privacy/HIPPA to be dealt with but these are the kinds of changes we are helping to push here at the LA County level.