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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Activities: Calling Cities; Hospital Visits; Database Searches; HASC; Manhattan Beach CERT; Updated "Efforts"

Our awesome callers continue to call large western US cities.  It is clear that the word gets around.  I got a tip call from a woman in El Paso TX, who has frequently seen a woman that looks like Nancy at her church, St. Patrick's.  However, it appears that this woman converses extensively with the priest at the church, so it probably isn't Nancy.  The good thing to note is that people are out there looking!

I visited more hospitals last Friday, this time with Sgt. Mike Goldberg of the LAPD who is volunteering his off time to help.  As noted before, it is remarkable how much more helpful hospitals are when it is the LAPD asking!  We went to 4 hospitals, asking them to do the "non-standard" query of their admissions database outlined a couple of weeks ago, and I believe all 4 will do it (three already have).  Sgt. Goldberg and I were accompanied by a film crew from KCET.  Again, from a previous post - The KCET "SoCal Connected" is going to do a segment on the search for Nancy, and they have been filming various aspects of the search.

With the help of HASC, we sent an email to all of the IT departments of hospitals and emergency responders - but the email was from the Manhattan Beach Police Department - hopefully getting a little more attention.  So far, the MBPD has received a couple of calls asking if this was a legitimate request, and one, count 'em one, call from the Ventura County EMS saying that they performed the search and did not find anyone matching Nancy's description (to be fair, we did not specifically ask them to reply once they had completed the search unless they had some candidates).

Speaking of HASC (Hospital Association of Southern California - an advocacy group), they have invited me to speak to their senior staff tomorrow.  I have a couple of sets of charts - one specific to Nancy, and the other some ideas on how they might try to standardize handling of John/Jane Does, clearly based on our experience in interacting with the hospitals.

I have also spoken and been invited to speak again to the Manhattan Beach Citizen Emergency Response Team.  This is a group that Nancy belonged to, and they are ready and willing to help with the search efforts.

There is an updated version of the Efforts to Find Nancy on the right hand side of the blog ... a few additions in the last couple of months.

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