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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Activities: Manhattan Beach City Council; CERT; New Mailer with "stressed" photo; Calls

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Richard Montgomery from the Manhattan Beach City Council called me and said that the council is interested in helping in anyway that they can.  They are going to create a "Nancy is Missing" screen shot for the dead times on their cable channel, and spread the word with the tools available to them.  Thanks to the MB Cit Council!

Joel Oiknine and Gordana Vukotich have also brought up Nancy to the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT - Nancy was very active in this organization).  I'll be speaking to them a couple of times later this month, and they may have ways of reaching out to other CERT organizations to help.

We have chosen an altered photo of Nancy done by PhoJoe Photo, and we are planning on doing another mailing that features this (along with other Nancy photos).  For this mailing, I believe I will outsource it to a company instead of hand assembly.

The callers are still trying to contact officials in cities outside of California.  It is certainly interesting how some of the police departments will "not accept" a flyer from us.  Some requiring the local police to do it (thanks to Detective Rosenberger who has agreed to reach out to these places individually).  And thanks to the callers for their continued persaverance!

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