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Monday, June 4, 2018

Medi-Cal Is Trying to Help; MBPD and LAPD reviewing police call logs

The CA Medi-Cal office is engaged with Det. Rosenberger of the Manhattan Police Department to determine if they can expand the query they have performed searching for applications for coverage.  This is great news, and our fingers are crossed that a new query reveals some actionable results.

Also, Det. Rosenberger is meeting with LAPD this week to review some of the call logs from around the time Nancy went missing to see if there were some calls that they may have missed reviewing earlier.

We finished our latest round of calls and visits (to places that either we have not contacted for a year, or places that I originally filtered out as "too expensive" to qualify).  I'm considering what to do next along these lines, somewhat hesitant to continue to burden our awesome calling crew.

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  1. I witnessed something a couple of months ago that reminded me of Nancy, butI couldn't be sure if it was her or not.
    I was sitting inside a Starbucks and a older, white woman went up to a man sitting at one of the tables outside and was yelling at him. She was upset or angry and seemed sick. He ignored her and she walked away, I think mumbling to herself. Her hair was dirty blonde, had some volume to it. It wasn't completely straight, but was mostly, and was just a little passed her shoulders.
    I thought, could it be her?, but I didn't want to approach her as it might not have been and she seemed pretty unstable.


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