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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Steve Lopez Article

Great article by Steve Lopez published both in the LA Times and MSNBC  - thanks to Steve for sticking with this story!


  1. I wondered if you have approached churches and synagogues who have people who visit patients in care facilities. I do this kind of thing and know most of the people on sight who are on the wings where I visit. Also, patients may know of or recognize another resident. I am sure most people who do this sort of work would be more than willing to help. Jewish family services, Catholic services, etc, could probably help get you in touch with the most useful people in these visiting organizations. Not all of us are on top of missing persons notices or frequent on line sorts of things. I only saw this article on MSN today. I hope this is useful to you.

    1. Thanks - this is a great idea, but I'm not sure how to go about finding the churches that support efforts like this. Early in the search efforts we contacted a bunch of churches and this idea never came up. I will check around a bit -but if you know of a better way to go about it, please let us know.

    2. I am a Nancy too, so I remember when another Nancy introduces herself, I definitely remember talking to this lady, possibly in Santa Ana, around the Civic Center, at the law library, or in the soup lines. Also try asking around Mary's Kitchen, and anywhere from the civic center at one end of Main to Mary's at the other, because there are many parks and haunts along there where she may have been befriended. I know I talked to her, she looks exactly like the pic in the Times. I can not remember where exactly or what we talked about, but I do remember that her name is Nancy, like mine. Try asking at the services booths in the bus station on Thursdays, I might have given her coffee at the legal aid both. Also try showing her picture to MHA outreach people. I remember that she was crabby about something, (no wonder) but that she was intelligent and very nice. You will find her, keep looking. I am pretty sure that she was at the Sunday river trail church lunch near Angel Stadium, it has been closed but I recall taking her picture there, and that there were several of us named Nancy, and it was sort of a topic of conversation, I take a lot of pictures everywhere that I go. I took our pictures, as I always do, I am a portrait artist, so I like to take pics of the people who I have done drawings of. Often my drawings illustrate my legal briefs, which is why I win all of my cases (I never let a judge get bored), I will look through my files, but I am pretty sure the pics that I took when I talked to her were on a computer that the cops stole from me (which they routinely do because I also take pics of them failing to meet their professional standards). They hate the fact that I am a civil rights lawyer. I have never lost a case; dirty cops are my usual target to sue. Ask to talk to Don, he used to bring food to the River Trail, he stopped coming when his car was stolen and his daughter and her friend molested by his beneficiaries, but, he might recall talking to her as well. He has a perfect memory, the other ministers, who worked with him may remember her, after Don stopped coming the others still brought food there. I'm not sure where they minister to the homeless now, but it will be somewhere near there. Maybe the Katella Street park rest stop. We will just keep showing her picture around at parks and church feeds until we find her and talk her back to the people who miss her and care about her.

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