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Saturday, November 4, 2017

PLEASE keep looking for Nancy in residential care faciliites! Woman Missing for 42 years, found in residential care facility....

A 27 Oct 2017 article in the Washington Post 
And it increases our belief that Nancy is actually in a local facility!

And this belief is further strengthened by a recent, anecdotal report from law enforcement official that a missing person was recently identified here in Los Angeles when his body was sent to the morgue from a residential care facility and he was actually ON the missing persons list!


From the article:

"She suffers from dementia. The details of the last 42 years have been blotted out by her condition. “We really don’t know the circumstances of why or how she disappeared. She had psychiatric problems leading up to that point,” the detective said.
Medical records for Flora Harris indicated she had previously spent time in a nursing home in New Hampshire and Roosevelt Hospital in New York City, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office. Her medical records stretched back 30 years, then stopped. There does not appear to be anything else throwing light on Stevens’s lost years."
And another interesting fact from the article:
"But as Esquire reported last year, by January 2016 there were still 21,894 active cases of missing women on the books..."
Link to Washington Post Article

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